Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Skyrim (Town 03)

     Hey all, what's this? Two blogs in two days? "But Jake," you may be wondering, "You haven't done consecutive blog days in so long! Why choose to return to your archaic ways?" Well? Three words:


     Let's start simply. If you don't know what Skyrim is, or are just not that interested in it to begin with, or are not interested in RPGs, then stop reading this. It's a small post that is being completely devoted to this. That being said, I beat the vast majority of Skyrim with my first character, Dovahkiin (yeah, I was unoriginal), and, as pretty much intended, I did anything and everything I could possibly do in my first play through. It kept me busy for a time, but eventually, I wanted to create a new character, but I didn't just want to do it all over again... So, recently, I figured out a way to enjoy the game in a new-ish sort of way. Instead of having an incredibly unrealistic adventure (and not by fantasy genre standards) where the single adventurer does literally everything in the entire country that needed doing. Sure, Dragonborn is something of a superhero, but come on. One dude, can't practically single-handedly end a civil war, become thane of major cities, become the leader of multiple guilds, AND save the world from dragons and a prophecy about the end of the world. It just doesn't seem realistic. SO, I've instead decided to play the game in a new way, where I create a bunch of characters that focus solely on one or two quest lines and that will be it. Sure, all the storylines are still in your perspective, but if the stories I'm playing become character-based stories, it forces me to play it in new ways. Essentially, Role-Playing in its most basic form. But what about the game's beginning?

     Well, how I'm playing it is that all of the characters I have created were captured by the empire and all brought to Helgen for executions. Sure, you don't see your other characters standing in the background or anything, but there's enough people present for it to be plausible. As the character Dovahkiin bows his head down, Alduin comes down and fucks everything up. Each character gets out in their own ways (even though you go through the same path every time...). Once all the characters escaped Helgen, they began their own journeys through Skyrim. I've also made it so that Dovahkiin is the only one that ever ends up using Dragon Shouts. The other characters never gain them, and if they do, they aren't allowed to use them.

1. Dovahkiin
Race: Probably Nord
Class: No real focus, but considering sword and shield, idk, very basic
Questline: The main questline, saving the world from Alduin the World Eater and fulfilling the prophecy.

2. Volknir
Race: Imperial
Class: Ranger, and then eventually a soldier, focusing on 2-handed swords and minor in archery
Questline: Once, a lost son of an Imperial general, Volknir ran away for most of his life. After learning of his father's death in the land of Skyrim, he tries to cross the border to meet up with his body. After the attack at Helgen, he eventually joined the companions and learned to become a great swordsman. From there, he traveled North, to Solitude, where he would join the Empire and would eventually help defeat Jarl Ulfric and bring Skyrim back into the Empire.

3. Farlik
Race: Nord
Class: Warrior, with focuses on 1-handed axes and light armor
Questline: A Stormcloak soldier who was part of the captured at Helgen. After escaping with Jarl Ulfric, he managed to help the reach of the Stormcloak's cause. Acquiring the Jagged Crown and almost crippling the Empire at the Battle of Whiterun, where we would be killed by Volknir in the city's center.

4. Faeroon
Race: Dark Elf
Class: Assassin, with focuses on dual Daedric daggers
Questline: A Dark Elf refugee, after the attack at Helgen, would meander Skyrim, constantly fighting racism, and in the hopes to redeem himself by helping a child by killing an old caretaker in Riften, would eventually be inducted into the Dark Brotherhood. He would eventually become a master assassin and the leader of the Brotherhood.

5. Taelian
Race: Wood Elf
Class: Archer (with elven daggers)
Questline: After escaping Helgen, Taelian the hunter would travel eastward, before arriving in Riften, where he would join the Thieves Guild and bringing it back to its former glory, as well as becoming a member of the Nightingale.

5. Saelion
Race: High Elf
Class: Mage
Questline: A High Elf with unrivaled magical talent. After nearly escaping Helgen with his life, Saelion traveled to Winterhold where he would eventually quell the Eye of Magnus and become the Archmage of The College of Winterhold. He would continue his studies to become the strongest wizard in Skyrim, and would discover the secret to the Dragon Priest Masks.

6. Throne
Race: Nord
Class: Warrior, with focus on 2-handed axes and heavy armor
Questline: Having ruthlessly fought his way out of the burning Helgen, Throne would wander Skyrim before eventually joining the Companions. Throne would eventually be brought into the inner circle, become a werewolf, and become the Harbinger of the Companions, and would wield the mighty axe, Wuuthrad.

7. Not sure yet... This will probably end up being the first DLC questline character

     So keep this sorta thing in mind next time you feel bored of playing the game. You just gotta play it in newer ways.

     So, with that, I leave you with my favorite song from Skyrim, "Town 03." You may recognize it from the Skyrim Concept Art Trailer or when you may be meandering through Whiterun. In any case, enjoy!

Until next time... FUS RO DAH!!!!

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