Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Happy Birthday Song

     Welp, it's now technically 12:45 right now, making it February 9th, which means I am now 22 years old. And to tell the truth, I'm not too sure if I could be any less excited about it. I don't know if it's just because of how fast this month has been going. Even today (now yesterday), I had to be reminded that my birthday was tomorrow (now today). My family has asked me time and time again what I want for my birthday and the only thing I can think of is a new ipod nano because my itouch fell in my toilet when repositioning my Bose sound dock. Not to mention that other things have been on my mind like the two tests I have in less than 12 hours from now, trying to get our fucking internet fixed, fighting to keep my weight down from the weekend and trying to find a productive way to spend my time.

     I will say though, before moving on, that my thrice-a-week workout has been going well. I missed Monday, but I made up for it today. My last actual blog, which was about my predictions for Halo 4 got a staggering 477 views, which blew me away. The most views I've had past that is like 56, so this was quite a jump. Thanks to Halo.Bungie.Org for featuring it. For those of you who read it and are interested, I did manage to forget a semi-crucial detail in that (SPOILERS): we'll most likely be meeting the Librarian and the Didact in some incarnation in The Reclaimer Trilogy, if not in Halo 4, and that the UNSC Infinity is using a duplicate of 343 Guilty Spark as its shipboard AI, which lends itself to my theory of the Infinity coming in and halting the forerunner defensive systems. But I digress.

     I may be picking up a new family member in the next week or so. The past few days, I've been feeling the need to have something take up my time. I almost went out today and bought a beta fish, just to sort of play around with and keep me busy, but no. We just got rid of our fish tank back home because no one was really paying much attention to it, not to mention the expenses of keeping it up... Don't worry, the fish and the tank now have a new home. BUT, I think I may move ahead with something I've wanted ever since I was a wee lad- owning a turtle. Well, not really a turtle, but a tortoise, because I want to hang out with it and whatnot and apparently turtles aren't the best for that. I've been doing some research and budget permitting, I think that's what I am going to do. In terms of naming, I was thinking of just naming it an everyday colloquialism like "Man" or "Dude." It feels like there's something to it though. A name like Dude is just so anti-climactic and bland that it seems to really fit the nature of a tortoise and, yet, you wouldn't expect such a name, would you? In terms of conventional names, I was thinking something like Chauncey. In any case, I have to wait, research it a bit more, and then actually buy it.

Soon, Dude... Soon.

     In the meantime, I am still trying to find a new hobby to occupy myself. I bought two new games yesterday and the day before and I am already bored and disinterested in both. The first game, Forza 4, is definitely fun in its own right, but I am not a car guy and I can only go around laps so many times before wanting to drive my Ferrari off a cliff. I'm not going to sell it back though, as I feel it's something that just needs to be played when I'm feeling it. The other game on the other hand isn't going to receive such mercy from me. The Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning is a new WRPG that came out on Tuesday. It's a single-player third-person type deal, which is fairly typical, but what really drew me to it is how the game is stylized. Everything is very fantastic-looking, where everything glows brightly in interesting colors that blend so nicely and I felt it was worth spending $60 on. I did play the demo prior to buying it, which I felt was entertaining enough, but once I got into the actual game, I wasn't even interested enough to read any of the dialogue. So, at some point, I will be heading back to Gamestop and selling it back. I would just go back to playing Skyrim full time, but jesus, I've played the fuck out of it. So I'm taking a break from that, leaving me with next to nothing to do in my free time. And with no real interest in Halo MP and no substantial Halo 4 news, there is not really anything in the gaming community that I'm even remotely interested in. Yes, I know Mass Effect 3 comes out some point next month I think, but I finally lost my motivation for it half way through ME2. Nothing is calling out to me.

     I feel like I'm going into a vegetative state today in my boredom. Throughout the day I tweeted a bunch, hoping I would get any sort of conversation going, and, as per usual, not much of anything, at least until about 8PM. I don't believe in silly things like curses but god fucking damnit, I seem to have a curse that when I post or say anything on the internet, whether it be this blog, forum posts (especially), or just anything where I'm looking for feedback or just talking to someone, and I get jack shit. Sure, some views here and there but rarely does anyone ever actually say something back, and that is my biggest pet-peeve. You could put the sound of someone chewing food obnoxiously loud with their mouth open right in my ear on a loop and it still wouldn't bug me as much not being responded to. I mean, isn't that what the internet is for? ESPECIALLY Twitter and Facebook? Why does anyone put something on the internet? Because we want to share it with other people and have people respond to us. Or am I crazy on this? If you ever watch Scrubs, there's a scene in the later episodes where Ted, who is the hospital's cowardly and spineless lawyer, is sitting with his group of friends and no one even realizes he's there. I post something, maybe a couple responses, when I comment, all other comments stop. Am I just annoying? If I am, please tell me, because I will stop. This sort of paradigm really makes me hate the fact that it's the one place I always am. It's to the point where I am actually considering living my own version of "Into the Wild," except that I wouldn't go to Alaska. I'd probably end up just moving to Portland or Seattle... or an island in the caribbean, working as a bartender or a deckhand on a fishing ship (and yes, this is an actual contingency plan of mine in the case of all other post-college plans failing). 

     What makes it even worse is that I go to the internet so that I CAN talk to people, but it's a format of communication that I just feel uncomfortable with nowadays. And yet, I don't really talk to many people in real life because I'm surrounded by people that are so unlike me. The people I want to talk to and be with are, for all intensive purposes, inside my computer and in my phone. They may as well be figments of my imagination; my imaginary friends... 

    So yeah... I know, not the most joyful of posts, and on my birthday too, but I don't drink at all and there's not much in the way of gifts that I want, I have to wake up in seven hours and endure my busiest day of the week, which also has two exams, and then another on Friday, after which I am driving six horrid hours back home (mostly just to get my new tires put on my car)... *sigh*

     So, I leave you with "The Happy Birthday Song," by Andrew Bird. Enjoy!

Until next time...

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