Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Recently Added

     Hey all! I am slightly busy at this juncture, so as a sort of cop out (in case I don't get to actually writing a blog this week), I am just going to post a list of brand new songs I have just downloaded. Chances are that I will be writing tomorrow, since it's my day off, or Thursday, as it is my birthday. So stay tuned on that front. In the mean time, enjoy all these new songs! The songs with asterisks preceding them are ones that I got particularly into. Enjoy!

Twin Sister- All Around and Away We Go:

Real Estate- Easy:

Real Estate- Green Aisles:

Real Estate- It's Real:

Destroyer- Painter In Your Pocket:
John Talabot- Destiny (feat. Pional):

John Talabot- When the Past was Present:

John Talabot- So will be Now... (feat. Pional):

*Washed Out- New Theory:

Washed Out- Eyes Be Close:
*Washed Out- Soft:

Hello, Blue Roses- Shadow Falls:

Small Black- Despicable Dogs (Washed Out Remix):

*St. Vincent- Cruel:

*Madeon- Pop Culture (Live Mashup):

And I suppose I'll add a new favorite video to tag along with the Madeon song:
Yes, I am starting to learn some of these moves, primarily the sequence from 0:43-0:56. To that, I say:

Until next time...

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