Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Dream Journals #1

     Hey all! I recently came across a bunch of dream journals that I wrote throughout the summer and fall of 2010 and some scattered throughout 2011. I started reading through some of them I found them mostly bizarre, non-sensical, and hilarious. So I'm going to post one or two everyday until there are no more. So without further adieu, I present my dreams. There are obviously some that are NSFW, so I won't be posting those. Sorry, folks.

[Note: At points, I may add my own commentary from now, usually to fill in context. I will put this commentary in brackets, like so.]

July 29th, 2010

     This has been stricken from the record, due to evident awkwardness...


July 31st, 2010

     All I can remember is going up to the help desk in Barnes and Noble and asked if they carried Halo: Evolutions. They asked if I wanted the tall, hardcover version or the shorter paperback. I asked for the paperback [Which is SO unlike me]. They took me to a shelf-end, moved this thing [which I presume is a book cart or something]. It turned out to be the hardcover version. One of the employees asked another girl that was walking by where the paperback version was. She took both of us to a table and there it was. I look at it, finally in hand, and then notice the price. It was $60... I was like "What the fuck? How much is hardcover?" Turns out, it was like $100.


August 1st, 2010

     I was back in San Diego [which I had just come back from], in the water between Coronado and the bay where Comic Con is held. I was on someone else's yacht, in their media room. They had a very nice flat screen and really nice couches and lighting, but in the corner they had a shelf filled with blank CDs and DVDs, which suggested that they were considerably frugal, despite what else they had... [At this point, I hope you've noticed that in my dreams, my logical process becomes skewed and is usually inductive] The owners were a family: a mom, dad, son and daughter. I was watching TV with the son, the parents walked in and I met them. We joked around a bit and something happened where I needed to take a shower afterwards [I don't exactly remember, but I think a drink was spilled all over me or something]. I went down a level and closed the door to the bathroom, which was enormous, more like a bath floor than a room. Anyway, it turns out their little daughter was in there as well and I didn't know it until the parents came barging in thinking that I had done something to their daughter [Who, like I said before, I had no clue she was even there. I want that matter straight. I did nothing.]. There was a panic, for both me and everyone else and it ended with me literally being thrown off the side of the yacht. Then I woke up.


      So there ya go, everyone! Day one of the dream journals is completed. I hope you enjoyed reading them as much as I did. Now, I need to get to bed because it's 2:30AM and ironically, I'm staying up writing about what I think about when I sleep. I leave you with "Daydream," by Youth Lagoon. Enjoy!

Until next time... [Sweet dreams.]

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