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     Why hello there. Welcome one and all, whether you be a returning audience member, or are new to the group. Today, I wanted to keep on the subject of creativity, but I am going about it in a semi-lazy way. A couple weeks ago, I was watching Hook on Netflix streaming. If you don't know what Hook is; first, what's wrong with you? And second, it's a movie about Peter Pan with Robin Williams.

     I watched it and loved it, as it's been a long time since I saw it last. But one thing stood out to me while watching it. They constantly refer back to Peter's life before growing up. I found it to be a very interesting plot device and I wondered, "Is there a story of Peter Pan's origins??" I tweeted about it and I was told that they were talking about it for a movie idea. I was like, "Damnit." I wanted to write the story because there were so many small details in the movie that were outside of the war between the pirates and lost boys. Like the mermaids and fairies. I was coming up with so many ideas that I decided to write an outline for the story, at first being very brief, but I was eventually writing whole scenes, sans certain details like dialogue. It was the 'X-Men: First Class' of Peter Pan and Neverland.

     So what I am going to do, because I planned on putting it on here when I started this anyway, and I'm feeling fairly lazy, so this is a good opportunity. Oh yeah, after I had finished it, and super proud of my work, not even a half hour later do I come downstairs and there's a commercial for 'Neverland,' the 2-part mini-series on SyFy about EXACTLY what I had just written. I was slightly pissed... and sad.

Without further adieu, I present the outline of, 'Pan,' the story about Peter Pan's & Captain Hook's origins...


Origins of Peter Pan:

Being a Lost Boy and living under a ‘leader’ who has the title of “the Pan.”
The Pan are said to be able to fly and use their imaginations so vastly far from regular people.
James, another Lost Boy who works under The Pan in hopes that he may one day fill the role, teaches Peter how to swordfight, which both find that Peter is exceptionally gifted in. James becomes jealous of Peter’s ability with a sword and refuses to teach him anymore. The two become rivals and eventually dislike each other.
James also has a unusual hatred of working clocks, because it represents the continuation of time, and aging.
The Lost Boys go to war with the first pirates to come to Neverland, who are led by Captain (insert name).
The pirates win the battle and Pan dies. The role of Pan is left empty. The hilt of his blade is forever lost while the blade is retrieved and taken back to the Lost Boys’ hideout.
The Lost Boys struggle to find the new Pan, since no one can fly and they don’t have any new members to test…
Peter finds his Teddy and remembers his first time in Neverland, his happiest memory, which makes him fly.
Peter struggles with his new ability and is not under full control yet, not to mention that he alone now has this inherited leadership and ability.
The Lost Boys’ now-interim leader, James, does not believe Peter has the power to fly and refuses to acknowledge him as the Pan.
In a fight to prove himself to the Lost Boys, Peter manages to fly, proving once and for all that he is the new Pan.
James, in a fit of rage and shame leaves the Lost Boys with his faithful friend Smee, and they go to the Pirate port where they betray the Lost Boys and join the pirates. Both begin growing up.
Eventually, James kills Captain (insert name) in a formal duel. James is named captain and Smee is made first mate. The former first mate resents this begins plotting against James and Smee in an attempt at mutiny.
Years go by with the war against the pirates has quieted down. Peter begins a quest to learn and practice his powers as Pan, as well as find/make a new hilt for the blade of Pan.
Pan journeys with Tinkerbell, who is the Pan’s fairy and guardian, together they refine Peter’s skills and eventually travel to the top of the mountain at the center of Neverland. There the Fairy kingdom resides, which is Tinkerbell’s original home. There’s the Fairy King and Queen recognize Peter as the Pan and grant him an audience as well as a hilt for the Pan’s blade, carved from the magical jeweled wood that is only found on the Fairy’s tree.
Captain James and his crew have secretly been hunting down the Fairy villages, killing them all, burning their homes, and stealing their fairy dust. James knows that Peter will need to travel to the Fairy Kingdom to become stronger, so he is trying to prevent this and plans on an aerial assault on the capitol.
While in the Fairy Kingdom, Peter is also granted the privilege to read from the Book of Pan, of which there is only one. Peter learns the prophecies of Pan and what it truly means to be Pan. A revelation that allows Peter to fully realize himself and his power and potential and the process is complete.
Peter is granted the newly repaired Blade of Pan. The Fairy priests also give to Peter a thimble called, “The Fairy’s Kiss,” which is a charm for good luck.
Just as Peter and Tinkerbell leave the capitol to return to the Lost Boy’s hideout, the pirates begin their attack on the capitol. The pirates begin torching the tree and the battle between the pirates and the fairies, and Peter Pan ensues. During the battle, the former first mate attempts his mutinous plan to kill James. They duel amongst the dead pirates and fairies. The first mate fails and is killed. Peter sees this and finds James is the pirate captain now and that he leads the assault. Peter is crushed and enraged by this and begins fighting with James. The battle ends abruptly when the burning tree begins to collapse around them. The pure and magical river that is dammed below the tree is released and the mountain begins flooding.
The pirates retreat, their job done, albeit late. The few surviving fairies escape into the woods. They are now an endangered species. The dead bodies of the pirates and fairies, as well as the burnt down remains of the sacred tree wash away in the river and the waterfall that goes down to the cove so far down.
Peter is now alone. Tinkerbell is nowhere to be found, possibly even dead. The tragedy that has just befallen Peter finally hits him and he breaks down. The Fairies who had been caretakers of Neverland were now gone. Who knew how many had survived? The Pirates were taking control and Peter feels there is nothing he can do to stop it. And to top it all off, they were led by his old teacher, James. The Lost Boys didn’t even know…
Peter tries to fly back home but he can’t. There is nothing but sorrow in his heart. He must run back in time to warn the Lost Boys. Along the way, he comes across a small grouping of tired fairies that have escaped being killed. Tinkerbell is not there. Among the survivors is the Fairy King however. He is elated to see that Peter is still alive. He asks Peter to be a part of a surprise attack to kill James and the pirates while they celebrate their victory. Peter shows them how he cannot fly despite what he tries. They resort to supplying him with what little fairy dust they have left. They go attack at the cover of nightfall.
During the Pirates’ victory celebration, Peter and Fairies launch their attack by sneaking in as close as they can get and ambushing them. They come close to killing James, but he avoids being stabbed by Peter. James flees while the pirates come in to surround the fairies and Peter. The fairies manage to hold them off and move closer to James. James comes in and kills the Fairy King. Slowly, the fairies begin dying off as Peter charges forward toward James. They begin their duel at the helm of James’ ship. The fairy dust has worn off by now, making this a suicide trip for Peter, who fights with all his rage and anger. Peter takes down James and just as Peter is about to kill jim, James pulls out a trick dagger and stabs Peter in his side. Peter stumbles back and he with his blade fall back in the dark ocean. None of the remaining fairies survive and the pirates celebrate all the more.
Blackness. The moon and the stars are gone. There is only black. Peter has failed and the pirates have won. He has shamed the name of Pan, and is the reason that the line has ended and the Lost Boys will be killed. He should die. But then a dim light appears, far away from Peter. Closer and closer it moves towards him. Is this what it is like to die? The light sits directly in front of him, just dangling. He is being caressed in arms. Then another mouth comes to his. He can breathe again. Vibrant rainbow hair is shown in the light. His eyes begin to close again, until Peter falls asleep.
He awakens to find himself in a deep cave far below the waterfall from the mountain. Mermaids surround him. They are all so beautiful, with their multi-colored hair, so vibrant like the colors of the Forever Rainbow that was just overhead. Out of the water came a rocky mound. On top of it sat a mermaid with hair of so many colors; full and voluptuous. Around her neck lay a necklace tipped with a teardrop made of white light.

She is queen of the mermaids, (insert name). The royal lines of mermaid queens were tasked with bringing all the colors of the rainbow and life to the black rocks that covered the sea floor. Her jewel was the heirloom of the queen, the teardrop with a captured rainbow inside. Behind her lay the remains of the burnt sacred tree.
The Queen welcomes Peter and informs him that all of the bodies have been buried and that Peter has been healed by the power of the Jewel around her neck. He notices his clothes have been changed. The queen tell his him that his new garb is magical, sewn from the last leaves of the great fairy tree, which will amplify his power. They can also not get wet. They give him the Fairy’s Kiss and the Sword of Pan back as well. The sword’s hilt has also been tipped with another rainbow jewel, which is a source of life and happiness.
Peter thanks her for her gifts and continues to tell her about the state of everything in Neverland. The queen tells Peter that things just happen as they do, that there is no good and evil. And that should he the last Pan, to lead the Lost Boys into their final battle, that he should be proud and mindful that he should not worry about what happens next. Let things flow as they do and just be happy. Peter begins to understand that if this is to be their end that he will make it an end that won’t be forgotten by any pirate, fairy, mermaid, boy or girl. All will remember the smiles upon the Lost Boys’ faces as they made their final charge.
Peter, full of magical water and pent up energy and happiness, shoots off into the sky, shooting through the Forever rainbow. Rainbow rain and light exploded around him. He twirled and flipped and flies off to the Great Pillar, which houses the Lost Boys. Along the way he sees the Pirates preparing to attack The Lost Boys, and soon.
Upon his arrival, he finds the Lost Boys already preparing for battle. Tinkerbell and a few remaining fairies have come back and warned the Lost Boys and to help. Peter is afraid of how they might view him and how they may not understand what he has learned. They are all happy to see him alive however and are grateful for his return. Soon the pirates would come and destroy the Great Pillar and the Lost Tree that sits atop it. They have one final feast to celebrate being the Lost Boys, where they stayed up and played all night with the fairies. The next day, the red sun shown through, bathing Neverland in crimson light.
Three ships charged through the sea toward the Great Pillar. They began their cannon barrage. From the path came pirates, led by Captain James. They were attacking from both sides. The ships continued to barrage the pillar, waning it away little by little. The waves began to get choppier. A storm was coming in. These almost never happened. A bolt of lightning shoots down and hits the pillar. This makes everyone stop and be amazed. The sea’s surface broke as the rainbow heads of several mermaids rose. With bows in hand and arrows in quiver, they drew their bows and knocked their arrows upon lifting the bow from the water, the arrowheads lit up in white flame. The Queen holds a golden trident and hoists it into the air, signaling to fire. Rain begins to fall as white flames go flying through the air and connect to the ships’ sides, each giving a white-hot kiss of flames.
One ship begins to light up in flames. It stops firing as the men on board panic and burn to death. The ship begins to break apart and sinks. The other two ships begin to fire into the water as well and slow the firing on the pillar. The fighting on top of the pillar finally ensues. The sides are fairly evenly matched. Another ship begins to sink as the last and biggest ship begins to limp away in retreat. The mermaids begin moving back and chasing off the ship. Up top the fighting has somewhat slowed down, the pirates have started to lose. Peter is dueling James. They begin exchanging words with one another. Peter begins to make fun of him as he fights. He begins to smile. He is having fun fighting James. On his final insult to James, he knocks his sword away and cuts off James’ hand. The hand flies off the edge and falls down to the fierce sea. As it begins sinking to the depths an abnormally large crocodile swallows the hand. James crumbles and just as Peter is about to finish him off. Smee knocks down Peter. As Peter falls, they call for a retreat and quickly run out of the hideout and down the bridge that they came in on.
The Lost Boys have won and the Great Pillar remains standing. The rain slows to a stop and the sun begins to shine through again. The Forever Rainbow, replenished with water and sunlight is back and more vibrant that it has been seen in a long time. The celebration is the biggest they have ever had, and it is all held in the name of Peter Pan.
Time goes on then as it has, the war continuing, as we know it did. James now has an ornate silver hook where his left hand used to be. He is now Captain James Hook. And Peter Pan still leads the Lost Boys.
In the Epilogue, Peter goes and visits the Mermaids in the open cave below the Forever Rainbow. There, the remains of the Fairy Tree have been taking root in the rock at the foot of the waterfall. The Fairies that survived are now living here with the Mermaids, save Tinkerbell who remains with the Lost Boys and Peter. They give Peter a section of the Book of Pan that they recovered from the tree. On it, shows a way to fly between worlds. Peter remembers his parents. He could go and find them again. But Peter had never done this and he didn’t know how. Peter turns to the Fairies and requests they teach him to fly between worlds.


That's it for today folks, hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I did writing it. I'll leave you today with a youtube musical artist, Pogo, and his song "Bangarang," which mashes up sounds and dialogue from movies and turns them into awesome songs. This particular one being Hook, which I based my story off of.

Until next time...

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