Sunday, December 11, 2011

Besaid Island

     When I wrote last night's blog, I had a stray thought pass through my head that asked, "Have you already stopping coming up with ideas to write about?" It made me think briefly, considering it. I left it posted on a metaphorical bulletin board in my mind, to think about later. Because the truth was, last night, I couldn't think of anything to write about, and the aforementioned laziness that I was describing last night was me unable to think of something.

     The thought lingered throughout today and I eventually came to, well there hasn't really been anything on my mind right at this moment. That doesn't happen often. I usually stay up most nights thinking about so many different things, concepts, scenarios, future and past conversations. So to have some time with a relatively blank mind is very very relaxing to me, albeit unproductive.

     So right now, there isn't much to talk about for me. Even during the calm before the storm that is finals tomorrow at 7:50AM... I'm just relaxed. Most people get super nervous and tense before tests but am usually just the same. Test schmest, I'll be fine. But to be so calm before it? It's nice.

     People generally like relaxation, right?? Why is it that so many people drink then? People obnoxiously rage when they're drunk and break things and get into fights, not to mention I don't know how people can stand the taste of any of it. I don't know; me? I'd rather just stay in on the weekends and watch something nice or buy something cool or play a game or go on some small adventure. But drinking on a regular basis is correlated with regression as a defense mechanism... I can see it.

     I've conditioned myself to think that once something is done, relaxation follows. Knowing that relaxation follows is the driving force for doing things (Other secondary reinforcements like my relaxation would be like money or a girlfriend or something).

     So right now, I'm just admiring the sky outside and the interesting music pouring out of my speakers, feeling the vibration of the music on my skin. What I'm currently listening to, by the way, is Andrew Bird's, "You Woke Me Up!" from his most recent album, "Useless Creatures."

     I got over 100 page views for my blog, so that's pretty cool. Thanks all for reading. I enjoy writing them a lot. Matt complemented me earlier today on it, it's been retweeted by Nevin a couple different times, and I've evidently inspired my friend Natalie to take up blogging again, which I was flattered by. So thanks all! To know that care to do or say those things is a very good feeling to me. & Natalie, I can't wait to read the new blog.

     In other news, my fantasy football team made it to the playoffs. Now, I am not a sports guy by very many means, and all the people I do this with are, so to make it to the playoffs for the second year in a row, and in my first two years? That's pretty cool. Last year I managed 3rd place which paid out. I thought was good enough feat as any for me. This year, I may lose in the first round of playoffs, but I don't mind. Once I got my first loss on Week 9, it didn't matter as much as it was in the beginning. If I lose here, I lose here, to make this far again is awesome. One of my pick em' pools is also doing well. It's been in first place overall since like Week 3 and it remains at the top. If I win, I get like $200, so that's pretty nice.

     And speaking of things I've won, I donated to the SkullsForTots thing back in October and my ticket was chosen in a raffel and I won a bluray copy of The Venture Bros. Season 3, and signed by the cast and crew. How cool is that right? That came to the house along with my TheChive shirt, which are hard to come by. My Halo 4 concept art from the Child's Play auction dinner is in the mail and I am currently awaiting a call from Spike TV about the plasma TV that I won from the Halo Fan of the Decade Contest.

     Speaking of which... The people who asked for me to write about Halo stuff must want me dead by now. I keep avoiding it, I admit. I'm trying to keep it...for a time like this, I suppose. If I have something else to talk about, I would rather talk about that because it's fresh material and information to articulate. Next Wednesday, I'll be driving back home from school for winter break. When I'm home, I will amongst all my Halo stuff and will be organizing it. What better time than that to write about it, yes? Good. We agree then.

     Well, I think that's where I'm going to end it. It's nearing dinner time and I want to clean up my room and study a wee bit because I'm going to bed early. I know, today's title had next to nothing with the subject matter, but the song most definitely does. It's from Final Fantasy X. I've had this song since Sixth Grade, and I listen to it every time I want to relax. 

Until next time...

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