Thursday, December 15, 2011

Going Nowhere

     I want to start by saying the the second half of yesterday's post was littered with spelling and grammatical errors. I tend to be a 'Grammar Nazi,' because I would think that being able to write and speak in one's first language should be something people should do correctly? Wouldn't you think?? I will obviously try to refrain from such atrocities in the future. Now onto my day...

     Today was a slightly odd day. Last night, we had to migrate from Colin's basement to my car (I think I need to stop saying things that can be misconstrued as being homosexual. I don't feel like being ridiculed). We were discussing different concepts and subjects and at times we were loud. Colin suggested that we go get milk shakes and that is precisely what we did.

     After we came back, we decided to just stay out in the car and continue our discussions. I left the electronics on so we would stay warm. Colin finally went inside and went to bed at about 3:30 AM or so. Kozi and I meanwhile discussed Tribeca Flashpoint Academy, which is where Kozi went to school and where I will be heading after I graduate from SIU with my BA. What I'll be studying during my stay there is still in flux. It's currently between video editing, cinematic directing, and/or game producing. I feel I would be pretty descent at any of them. This may be tooting my own horn a bit, but I'll link my past couple of Halo trailers that I made:

     Anyway, we talked until about 5:00 AM or so. Kozi and I finally decided to call it a night... er, morning, I suppose. When I tried to turn on the car, all that could be heard was a single click, followed by an unwelcome silence. My car battery was dead... The tone suddenly became one of being tired to one that said, "Welp... fuck." Kozi thankfully happened to have jumper cables. The only problem was that neither Kozi nor myself are car people by any stretch of the imagination...

     We barely managed to turn Kozi's car around, which was parked in by myself and Colin's cousin's car. Turning his car around was something akin to the scene in the original Austin Powers movie when Austin gets the cart stuck in the hallway and he keeps driving into and backing into each wall of the hallway. The connection was not lost on us as it was pretty much the first thing we thought of. Once we finally got the car turned around, we popped the hoods and got the jumper cables from Kozi's trunk. They were zip-tied... Of course they were zip-tied... The closest thing to a knife or scissors that we had were our car keys. Using that may as well have been a joke. Then suddenly, an idea! What if we used the sharp clamps to free themselves? It worked like a charm. Now onto actually trying to jump the car. We searched my car for the battery, but to no avail... What we thought was my car battery eventually turned out to be my car's fuse box. Who knew? We began laughing at ourselves as we compared ourselves to the apes in the beginning of 2001: A Space Odyssey. We couldn't have been more out of our element, sans critical thinking and improvisation. But eventually, we would yield ourselves.

     It was now 6:00 AM and we were still stuck in Colin's driveway, trying to be quiet as not to wake anyone up and trying to be as inconspicuous as possible to the various cars that drove by. The flashlight looking through a dark, turned-off car was not helping. So we finally gave up. My car was dead, and we, not being able to revive it, were forced to abandon the corpse where it lay... Kozi drove me home where I passed out for another 7 hours.

     I awoke with a splitting headache, most likely due to staying up so late/early. My left forearm felt as though someone had hit it with a bat and my legs were so achy that, at first, it was difficult to walk. These were obviously due to the swamp renovations from the previous day. With no one available to help me go save my car, I was marooned on the island that is my house. *Sigh...* I would have to wait until someone with a car came home. My dad was first on the list. When he got home, we called AAA and we would meet them at Colin's house. However, when we got there, we were able to jump it ourselves. I called AAA again and cancelled the service dude that was probably already on his way to come help us out. I felt somewhat bad, as we had pretty much just sent this guy on a wild goose chase. Where ever you are, I apologize for wasting your time. We then proceeded to take my car back to the dealership to go get some work done and to get things checked out, which was actually our plan before any of this had happened. So yet again, I am without a car...

     I'd like to note that the guy at the dealership that waved my car into the service garage was so outwardly happy, though I feel as though there may have been something slightly out of the ordinary going on. I supposed he may have been tripping on something, or, the more likely, he was possibly somehow handicapped. Either way, he was as happy as could be and had a huge grin on his face the entire time we were there. That's nice to see.

     However, once I got back home, I finally got my hands on the Halo 4 concept art (which is signed by Sparth). Oh, the joyousness of it; another one-of-a-kind piece of Halo piece has been added to my collection. When I got onto twitter, I saw that there was a community playdate for Halo tonight. @bsangel had tweeted that those whom she followed should send her a message via xbl saying simply, "twitter." I did so, though I decided on adding a 'meow' afterwards. I thought Jessica may appreciate this tiny gesture, and it seems I was correct. It wasn't even 2 minutes after I sent it that I got the invite. I was pretty pumped, as this was the first time in a LONG time that I've played Halo matchmaking, let alone the first time I was able to get into the community playdate party. Jessica recognized me and we caught up slightly and I apologized about outbidding her on the Halo 4 concept art. She was a great sport about it and said that, 'at least it was going to a good home where it would be cared for.' That's actually the third time in like two weeks that I've heard that about something I was bidding on. I love hearing stuff like that because it means that; 1. I seemed to have gained a reputation amongst the Halo community as a hunter of rare Halo pieces that cares deeply for them; and 2. It's a good reputation.

     So we played a few games and I tried fairly hard, as I didn't want to be seen as being a 'BK randy.' The fact that some people (& I suppose more now) know that I really don't play all that much Halo online, let alone gaming on a regular basis. I got a few nice kills here and there, even nice enough for people to complement me on them. The few jokes I made here and there were well received also, which is always a good ego-booster.

     Well, I suppose this is where I'll end. And to think, my original plan today was to actually blog about a big theory that I came up with, while only briefly talking about my car. Oh well... Tomorrow I should be getting my car back and depending on what happens tomorrow, I will be organizing my entire Halo collection into something more display worthy. If things go as planned, I will be starting my big Halo blog. Although I will say ahead of time that my mom, who is a kindergarten teacher is having the school's annual holiday faculty party at our house tomorrow... So things may not go my way on that front... I can only be thankful as this is the last year for this because my mom is retiring after this school year's end.

     I gotta say, yesterday's song choice was good and all, but I went through my ipod today in preparation for this blog and I found like three other songs that would've worked so much better. Oh well, what's done is done. Tonight's song is "Going Nowhere," by Cut Copy. And yes, I know. I have been using a lot of Cut Copy songs. This isn't to promote it so much as I just find that the titles fit what I happen to be talking about. I am trying to use some variety in my song choices, just need to write about the right thing. Anyway, enjoy!

     I think tomorrow I am going to finally start Christmas shopping. I also think I'm going to finish it all in record time. *Yawn* I'm tired... I suppose I should try and get my sleep schedule back in order before I fuck it up even more.

Until next time...

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