Monday, December 12, 2011


     Yet again, I am left wondering what it is I should talk about. It's Monday morning at 10:00AM and I've already finished my Philosophy final today. Started at 7:50 and I got it done in a mere 20 minutes. I was pretty proud of it. It was very easy and I would've gotten done earlier if it hadn't been for hand cramps from writing the short answers and essay... But I assured my instructor, Chris, that I would email him over winter break about something he had brought up once in class. Since I was his lone philosophy major, we bonded more than he might with just a regular student taking it for core curriculum requirements. He and I emailed one another and discussed certain topics.

     One day he had brought up this thing called a Sensory Deprivation Chamber. What it is, is a small tank that is filled with water and salt. You get in and the door is closed on you, so that you can't see anything. You can also not hear anything during this. The salt helps you float in the water, which is the same temperature of your body, so you can't feel anything either. So you feel like you are just floating around in empty space, with no sense to hold on to. And with your conscious left with no sense to cling itself onto, your mind enters a state of high meditation and free thought. Evidently, it's also GREAT for your joints and muscles. Your mind begins to think about problems you may be having, whether you know you're having them or not. It brings all of the unconscious issues you have into light and forces you to deal with them. People have been known to hallucinate during this as well. Not necessarily like stuff where you'll end up freaking out, unless you're that scared of your actual problems. It's a profound process of enlightenment that takes time to develop and master.

     I found the concept of it very interesting and took note of it. A week I finally looked some stuff on it and did some research for where the nearest place for me to try was. Unfortunately, the closest places were near back home, so it'd have to be something I did while visiting back home one weekend and/or during winter break. I tried a couple times since then when home, but my schedule wouldn't allow for it... I would have to wait until after finals when I was back home.

     I told my parents about it, slightly nervous as to what their reaction may be. I was slightly afraid that they're beginning to think of me as some sort of... stoner hippy or something. Either way, I was worried it'd be negative. They were fairly okay with it, not really sure of what to think, so there wasn't much reaction. I had to continue selling it to them (especially on the joint aches and pains part because that pertains to them), just so to avoid any arguments or lectures, which by now, I've heard plenty of. Apparently my cousin Robin has done it before, so my mom was lenient on the subject.

     I also told my friend, Mike, whom I've mentioned before. He thought it sounded awesome as well and we will be doing it together some time over break. I imagine that Matt will join us too, as he would also appreciate the experience. Possibly Dan as well, who is another one of my best friends, like Mike, Matt, and myself, would also understand the perspective and appreciate it more than most folks I've talked to would.

     Here is a short video narrated by Joe Rogan, who is a comedian and the host of Fear Factor, as well as an announcer for UFC or MMA or some type of fighting. Some of the stuff he talks about is so provocative to think about. He swears by the float chamber and even has one in his own house! Which is fucking sweet it you ask me. (The video also has DeadMau5's, "Strobe," playing in the background, which is awesome because it's a great song and my favorite Mau5 song)

     In other news, I actually managed to win my fantasy football game last night and I've made it to the next round of playoffs. I'm going up against my friend, Alex, who beat me in the last week of the regular season. So we'll see how I do next week.

     So just remember to go out and try new things. The brain needs stimulation in order to make further progress. This is where I'll end for now. I MAY do another later on today since I finished this one so early and it's rather short in comparison to past blogs, but it's something I'll be playing by ear. So enjoy today's song, "Voyager," by Daft Punk.

Until next time...

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