Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Halo: Part 2: Unyielding

-----Part 2: Roll Call-----

-Released (Halo 3 OST):

     Halo 2 was finally upon me and I couldn't put it down. That was at least, until the flood was also upon me. I liked playing as the Arbiter, I thought it was a good way to show other perspectives, but god damnit, the Flood was on my doorstep just a bit too early... Again, I found them so damn frightening. So much so as not to play again for like a month or so. But I was back soon enough and I finally beat the campaign. I loved the ending too. Everyone bitched and moaned about how the ending was bullshit, and I know that the third act was cut out, but that's what a cliffhanger is supposed to do. Especially since now that Halo 3 is out, no should even begin to open their mouths on the subject.

     Anyway, it was after beating Halo 2 that I found myself being much more invested in the story than what Halo CE did. Seeing both sides of the war really opened up the universe for me. I once told Colin on the subject, Halo CE was like the prologue for the other games, not just because it was first in the series, but because we hardly learned anything from it compared to what we would learn later on. It was just to get us salivating for Halo 2 and 3 and so on. Halo 2 is where the story REALLY begins, at least for me. It's a constant debate subject in the community, but, and this may be just because Halo 2 is what I played most, first, but, I feel still that Halo 2 had the best campaign in terms of just storyline, followed by ODST, H3, Reach, Wars, and finally CE.

-Bravery, Brotherhood (Halo CE:A OST):

     I had been invited on a couple different occasions to attend a LAN party by my friend, Zach, who hung out with Mike, Matt, and myself as well as another group who was made up of gamers. I initially told him no, but eventually I felt like I wanted a change...

     I eventually asked Zach if I could come to one of these weekly parties that they all had where they just played Halo the entire time. How weird was that?? But I wanted to see it for myself. I wanted to try. At the time, I didn't know that this would increase my interest in Halo almost exponentially. It was at this time that I really began developing new friendships. It was where I began investing time with people like Zach, Colin, Kozi, Dan, Chris, Eric Siegel, Mike (better known as T-Nags, as his last time is Tinaglia), Erich Rojek, Anthony Volgi, Nick Briesmeister (or just, 'Breeze'), and some others who were not as regular. Joining the 'gamers' as they could be grouped as, was a big transition for me, as I stopped spending as much time with Mike, Matt, Pat, and the rest of those whom were considered part of the 'popular' groupings.

     For the next two years, these became my new best friends and we spent our weekends over at Siegel's house where we would play Xbox for hours and hours on end. It was great. It was them that got me onto Xbox Live, and it's also how I started reading the Halo novels.

-Data Hive (Halo 3: ODST OST):

     I searched through the 'Sci-Fi/Fantasy' section in Barnes and Noble until I found it- the original Halo novel trilogy. Now, mind you, this was still early after Halo 2's release, also not long after I began attending the weekly LANs. Anyway, I read them all, albeit very VERY slowly (as I read at the pace at which I talk). Reading the books though is what really put me over the edge as being a big fan of Halo. I started doing research here and there and joined Halo3forum so as to invest myself more into Halo.

     As new information came out through those couple years about Halo 3, I had become known more and more in my school as a huge Halo fan. Even the staff knew about it. All my teachers knew that I wouldn't be in school the day Halo 3 came out, even the soccer coach, who I was managing for throughout high school. It was nice to be known as something to other people. The next day I couldn't even count all the people that asked me how Halo 3 was. After a while I almost got sick of it.

-The Last Spartan (Halo 2 OST):

     Prior to Halo 3's release, my dad and I had the idea to take our LAN parties to the next level. Instead of bringing the TVs and the games to the people, why not just bring the people to the TVs and the party? So that's what we did. We got eight 32" flat screen TVs, and wall-mounted four on opposite sides of the basement. And all had ethernet cords going through walls to connect all of our Xboxes to the internet. It was great! Everyone would come to me now (Perhaps I built it out of sheer laziness *shrug*). But things didn't quite pan out as I had hoped.

     There was drama occurring within the group and it was slowly but surely tearing us apart. Zach and I ended up splitting off the group swearing off certain people, while others were just kind of left in limbo, not choosing a side. It was fairly chaotic and, in hindsight, very emotional and testosterone-filled. But with the group splitting apart and Zach switching over to Call of Duty 4, which had just come out as well. Zach and I would later join those whom I consider to be my 'everyday friends,' as they are the people I live with and have been friends with since the end of high school. If you've been reading past blogs, you'll notice that this is changing, as I have gotten back into contact with Mike, Matt, and all my old Halo friends.

     Anyway, what ended up happening was that my basement LAN system never got to see the constant Halo LANs that I had envisioned for it. Instead, it became the hub for my 'everyday friends' and I while we played Call of Duty and they played every new sports game that has come out in the past 5 years. Despite being used constantly, I always felt like we waisted it...

     And none of my 'everyday friends' even like Halo. So I was alone... But, with time, comes movement and change.

----------End of Part Two----------

     "Unyielding," by Marty O'Donnell and Michael Salvatori isn't one of my favorites, but the overall tone was odd to name, so I picked based on my growing investment in Halo. Plus it's fun to drive to and it makes things more intense. Enjoy!

Until next time...

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