Saturday, December 24, 2011

Up & Down I Go

     Hey all! It sure has been a while since I wrote last. But it's been the holiday season and I needed to build up some material. I hung out with Mike and Matt a couple times and we were talking about the blog and I ended up deciding that perhaps doing a blog every single day isn't so necessary. At that rate I am pretty much just talking to talk. So I am going to be spacing these out to at most a weekly basis. I'll talk when I feel the need to talk. Plus it's good for those days where I do absolutely nothing and I end up writing a small handful of dinky paragraphs about nothing, which can be quite dull. Perhaps, if I do end up writing posts like those, I'll just keep them as drafts and only publish the good ones. I'll let it happen as it will.

     So let's catch up a wee bit, shall we? I figure we should start with Christmas. Well, on the 23rd, my dad and I dressed up as Santa and his elf, respectively, and delivered a bunch of presents to a family who is currently going through some very hard times, and with two little kids having to endure it all, it felt good to do it. The next day, some relatives came over, as we normally do on Xmas Eve. Everything went well, and the Nerf war we had went spectacularly. There were Nerf darts everywhere around our house... Christmas day went well too, no issues to really speak of, though I did make a mental note that this year, there was slightly more bickering amongst us, to which I say, "Oh well."

     In terms of gifts? I got a bunch of new clothing, which fits me relatively better than what I've been wearing as I lose weight. In particular, I got this nice black zip-up hoodie from GAP, which if you've ever seen me in the confines of my home, you'll know that I am almost always wearing one of these, generally sans shirt (That's right, ladies). I got a bunch of Halo-stuff, including: a bunch of megabloks sets, calendar, MC Play Arts figure, Lmt Ed. version of 'Halo: The Art of Building Worlds,' as well as the Child's Play Auction items: Halo 4 concept art (which I've mentioned in the past), the Dr. Halsey Journal from Halo Reach signed by Eric Nylund, A signed copy of Halo: Evolutions Vol. I, and finally the one and only physical copy (that I know of) of Levi Hoffmeier's, "Halo: A Fistful of Arrows." This last book was a big thing for me because I REALLY loved the story, not to mention the incredible art that he does. Levi also did a personalized sketch in the front cover, which is fucking amazing. Nicely done, sir. The sketch can be seen below. The FoA book also came with a Mr. Chief sketch, done by Frank O'Connor from 343 Industries and some prints from FoA (Levi, if you're reading this, it's like you knew that the Jun-using-Armor-Lock picture was one of my favorites. So cool.).

     I also got tickets to go see Andrew Bird witha friend on March 22nd. Mike and Matt, this concert is in St. Louis, which means you both are coming with me. I only have two tickets though, so one of you will have to buy one. This is for you to decide. ...That is of course, assuming that the seats aren't assigned. I'll have to go and look to make sure >_>. Anyway, Mario Kart 7 has been keeping me busy, I have a new brown leather messenger bag, which I've been using at any opportunity. And I finally got something I've been wanting for a long time, but never really remembered to ask until this year- a golden pocket watch. I've always liked the idea of a pocket watch and I haven't had one since my old Full-Metal Alchemist one broke back in the beginning of High School. What makes it even better is that there is a '117' engraved on the inside cover, which is very awesome to me. And finally, after telling my mom that her old, and quite shitty, computer was finally being replaced by my iMac, I was surprised with a entirely NEW iMac. The plan was that mine would go to my mom and I would get my dad's, which he doesn't use very much at the office and is a couple years newer. Evidently something happened that would've made it more expensive to move his from the office and he decided to just get me a new one. Past the unique Halo stuff and the watch, this was the highlight gift of 2011. Overall, a VERY good year, both in Xmas, and just overall.

     Now, on to more current affairs. Since Xmas has passed, things have been... slow, to say the least. All week long I have literally been doing next to nothing. I built all of the Halo Megabloks sets, watched the Blu Ray Lord of the Rings Extended versions, listened to a dramatized version of The Hobbit, played a bit of Skyrim on my mage, and spent more than a fair amount of time in my hot tub. This week has been a lazy bum's paradise. Only today did I finally get my mom's new computer into the Apple store for a data transfer. And tonight my family and I went to the Chicago Blackhawks game against the Detroit Redwings. We won. Huzzahs were had by many. But this week I've been really noticing a subtle change in my behavior...

     I feel lost right now. Throughout the week, I've been progressively getting more easily agitated by my family, and I guess just by everything. My intolerance for illogical actions has been at a recent high, which has been working against my current meditations to let things go and allow things to work as they will. The constant cheerfulness that I've been having for the past 2-3 months has been diluted... I think some of it has to do with how, since I've been home, I've been regaining some weight- not much, mind you, but some poundage to be sure. There's just been so much bread around. I think I need to re-cut it out of my diet. Perhaps I just need to get out and do something. I could've written this at literally any point this week, and yet I didn't feel like it. I even tried to organize my Halo stuff finally and quit after like half an hour. I don't know... I have become a mope that just meanders about my house, not doing anything; waiting for death to overtake me. That's an exaggeration, of course, but if I let things continue as they are, I fear a looming depression. But the timing of things this weekend doesn't help all that much, seeing as it's New Years.

     I'm not a big fan of New Years. For me, it's just when people go out and drink obscene amounts of alcohol and then conceive the unfortunate offspring that will be born in August and September. The kids part is just a side note that I felt like pointing out, but it's really the drinking aspect that makes me not like this holiday. I don't drink at all, especially after the surgery last June. I will say though, I did take two shots last month of SoCo and lime juice, and those weren't bad, but it's nothing that's changing my mind of the matter. And since I would roughly be the only sober adult at such a party/gathering, I would feel the need to take care of drunk people and keep things in order. And even past all that, I don't really care that it's the new year. Ultimately, it's just another day, but even still, this year has been the best in recent memory by a long shot, and I don't really care to see it go. But like I said, it's just another day and that's how I should think of it. I've been invited to three separate occasions for New Years, all of which I have said 'no' to. Colin, Kozi, and a bunch of others are heading down to Chicago to go drink. This was pretty much an instant no for me. Dan and Rojek are heading out to Indiana University to stay and Rojek's house and party there. Again, I said no. Mike and Matt are both in New York, albeit separated from each other. Finally, my cousin's girlfriend, Jill, is having a shin-dig (who uses shin-dig anymore, especially in writing? haha) which is where my brother and sister and a bunch of my cousins are going to. It's the same situation, although I may actually go to that one for a wee bit. So, my plans for New Years? I'm going to see MI:4 with my dad, and I presume my mom also and then I'm coming home and doing nothing, except hang out in the hot tub and enjoy that.

     I never understood the whole Resolution thing with New Years either. All it is, is a false promise that you make to yourself, seemingly in hopes that it'll just sort of bring itself about. I imagine that it's rather rare for someone to actually follow through with it, unless the person is very take-charge. I was asked what mine was tonight at dinner. I replied with, "I don't do resolutions," and that was the end of that. I guess if I was forced to make one? Hmm.... Lose weight? I'm already doing that. Perhaps get down to a target weight by a certain time. Eh, but that seems so generic and typical, especially in the United States. Something with Halo? I have already gained the title which I have craved so. Perhaps giving back to the Halo community in some way. Some ideas come to mind, but I'll need time and people to help with that... I guess on a solely personal level, I would have to say start reading certain Philosophy books that have been recommended to me, and to continue practice my dancing. Oh! That reminds me!!

     On three separate occasions since I've come home, I have been hugely complemented on my dancing skills. So much so even, that on ALL THREE times, the people watching me dance said that it should be recorded and put on the internet for all to see and to become an internet star. The idea seems quite enticing to me to say the least, so that may pop up somewhere in the future hahaha. Either way, when I am at school, my dancing is usually made fun of, so to get compliments so many times after coming home means a fucking lot to me. Thanks all.

     So, I leave you with, "Up & Down I Go," by Pretty Lights, who has been just recently put on my radar by multiple people. Twice this song has come up in shuffle and both times I have tried to put it into my 'Current' playlist. That must mean I like it. I'm going to dance the fuck out of this song tonight.

     Despite not liking New Years myself, I still wish everyone else's to be joyous. Just don't be surprised when you find you're/she is pregnant. hahaha

Until next time...

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