Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmastime is Here

     Today, I've decided that I will take a small break from the Halo story and continue it every once and a while, meanwhile publishing new blogs in between. And actually, I didn't write this today, I wrote this yesterday, which is actually today for me, even though it's technically tomorrow, since it's 12:40AM... So I'm writing this today. Isn't relative time perspective fun? I thought so. To save on confusion, I'll write this as if during the moment I publish it.

     So, Kim Jong Il is dead. I would make a Team America joke, but I'd bet that just about everyone, at least, in America did that already.... So I'll guess I'll just say, "You beat me to it, everyone ever." But honestly, Kim is dead, Saddam's dead (yes, I know this is slightly dated, but still), Bin Laden's dead, Castro is about to hit the ground (as far as I know). This seems to be a good time for America. If I were the dude from Iran, I'd be watching my back. Celebs always die in threes, dictators may be the same way hahaha. But to tell you the truth, I don't follow these subjects nearly as much as other people do. I actually prefer to ignore it all because for me, whatever happens, happens.

     Now, past small stuff, I'm not sure what exactly to talk about. I am waiting to continue the Halo piece, I have another draft of something going on right now, but I want to take a lot of time to get it right, when I'm feeling clear and not so distracted by Netflix or the music coming from my computer or when people aren't calling me down for favors...

     I won the one-and-only copy of Levi Hoffmeier's Halo fan-fiction book, "A Fistful of Arrows." Needless to say, I cannot wait to get my hands on it. I also won a copy of "Halo Evolutions I," which is also signed by all the authors. Very cool if you ask me. I did feel bad though, a friend of mine contacted me right after the 'Halo: Evolutions' auction ended asking me if I had won. I told him I had and as it turns out, he had put in a bid for $50, three seconds before it ended. For some reason though, it didn't register or something and I ended up winning it for $46. From what I remember, I had put in a max bid of $60, but even still... And to be perfectly honest, I don't need it. It was something small I felt I could get my hands on while getting more money towards the charity. So Keith, if you're reading, contact me about buying it. I was serious before when I asked if you were looking to get it before xmas or not.

     I also want to thank my friend, Laird, who kept me posted about the "A Fistful of Arrows" book, and who was also the one who donated all of the Halo items that went up for auction. He raised $6,400 USD after everything was said and done. Congratulations!

     I've also just bought a couple Nerf guns for our annual Christmas nerf gun war. It's me, my brother Travis, my sister Lizz, our cousin Michelle, and her two kids, Zoey and Xavier. I have a whole slew of Nerf guns and darts, but my dad requested I get a couple new guns, and good ones too- fully automatic. I ended up getting the "Raider Rapid Fire" which turns out isn't actually fully auto, but instead is a pump action...shotgun (I suppose) but it has this sweet drum clip. The other gun I got is called the "Stampede." This IS fully auto and boy is it fun to shoot. I'm excited to say the least. But for now, I have to clean my room, as there are darts covering my floor.

     Right now though? At this very moment? I'm just sitting here at my desk, drinking propel, watching Weeds on Netflix and writing. I did write another blog tonight actually, which I initially published but I felt it was too premature and was really the last part of my Halo story. So I reverted it back to a draft until the time is right. Plus it was rather melancholy and I could change the tone of it and make it fit the format of the other Halo parts. So, for those three of you that got to it before I reverted it, congrats.

     What else is there to talk about that won't drag this on for too long? Hmm... I did get my xmas shopping done, and if you put all the time actually shopping, it was easily the fastest xmas shopping I have ever done. I need to do internet shopping more often than I already do, especially for holidays like this.

     Well, it's a week before Christmas, and all through the house, not a sound could be heard, except the clicking of Jake's mouse (and keyboard, but that doesn't rhyme). So I'm naming this after one of my favorite Christmas songs, "Christmastime Is Here," by the Vince Guaraldi Trio. You may recognize it from the Charlie Brown Christmas Special.

     Now, it's time for me to go lay in the hot tub, staring up at the dark clouds, hoping that it'll start to snow slowly, since I can't see the stars. And whether or not you celebrate Christmas, it doesn't really matter. It doesn't even matter that you have a happy holiday. What matters is that you're just happy. Good night, everyone.

Until next time...

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